Blockchain for Advertising? Not This Year

We have been personally studying the blockchain technology for a couple of years now, especially when the head of the Mozilla Foundation left to develop a browser that uses it to make micropayments to content providers. And then, as we watched all this develop, we wrote about the blockchain’s capacity to clean up the digital advertising supply chain.

Eight months later, the IAB Tech Lab has released a white paper on the uses of blockchain for video advertising.

Here are the main points:

• Blockchain technology has ramifications far beyond the financial sector.

•As an immutable, distributed, transparent ledger, blockchain is a natural fit for the digital advertising supply chain

• Potential benefits of blockchain for advertising include increased efficiency, transparency, cost reduction, and the elimination of fraud.

• 2018 will be the year that a wide range of blockchain applications will be rolled out across digital and cross-screen video advertising including linear television, with 2019 likely being the year that these technologies begin to see broader adoption — provided certain risks can be mitigated.

• Long-form, premium video and TV advertising, with their high CPMs and low volume, is a compelling use case for blockchain. In the coming year, we expect to see some significant beta tests from both traditional media and new entrants.

In the white paper, we came across a big reason why this will be slow to catch on, despite its obvious utility. It’s because cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are completely user-unfriendly right now. A company called MetaX in Los Angeles has been working with IAB to make ads.txt more secure. A Q&A with its developer produced this conversation:

How does Ads.txt Plus work?

“We implemented Ads.txt Plus on the Ethereum blockchain and in tandem, built a frontend UI to manage publisher ads.txt files and buyer lists. Publisher ads.txt files can be downloaded in aggregate from one place for buyers. Publishers themselves can maintain their file versions and either keep it on the blockchain endpoint and/or export to their web server.”

What does a publisher do in order to transact in this process? “A publisher has to input their ads.txt file into In order to implement, you need a digital wallet. Using a browser extension called MetaMask (in Chrome), you can implement a digital wallet right in the user’s browser. In this case, the user would be the publisher. They have a public address and they have a private key to this wallet. They take their public wallet address and they add it to their DNS records. In the text field, they add their wallet address. For example, today if you go to, you can see all of the names of authorized sellers. In the future, if you augment that with your digital wallet and then go to, you will see just the wallet address. The publisher can obfuscate all the authorized sellers so that it’s not readable but it’s still verifiable.”

Only people who have the key can read it? “By default, the file is publicly readable (and read only) and can be validated by all third parties. You can obfuscate the text using encryption and provide the key to your buyers. To update the file, you also need a separate private key.”

Let’s just say I’m a publisher, and I am trying to buy reddit ads against my video content. How willing am I to go through the digital wallet setup and the public/private key infrastructure requirements.

Now let’s say I’m a young media planner. I’ve just learned the routines of my job, and now this one site wants me to go through a completely unfamiliar set of hoops? I think I’ll buy elsewhere.

While blockchain technology may be the ultimate solution to ad fraud, it will need a killer front end before it is widely adopted by the ad industry. Right now it’s a bare naked infrastructure that’s not for the faint of heart.

Financial Statement Software will save you Time, Money & Stress

Owning your own business is not as easy as it seems, especially if you did not go to school to take up a business degree or an MBA. Yet there are so many people who are successful in owning their own business who didn’t even go to school for this. You don’t have to be great at math to do well in your own business. What is important is that you have the right tools to help you with your business.

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Personal financial statement software also has some other features that can help you not only with your financial statements but on other things too. It can also help you calculate your net worth. This can also help you get your personal loans approved and reviewed faster. This is a great help for you if you don’t know how to get your personal loans. You don’t need to ask help from a loan agent on how to help you with this.

There are now many apps availabe to make your financial decisions easier. With mobile phone prices at an all time low, it’s easy to get a budget smartphone to run your business apps and keep your work and personal life separate.

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Financial Guide: Secured Credit Cards for Business

   Here is the economic situation as we know it: times are bad and businesses are shutting down. Which, in turn, means that many people are losing their jobs? For some this just sparks them to find another, more challenging position with another company. For others, this layoff inspires them to start their own business and set off on their own.

Starting a business, however, takes money and plenty of it. You may have noticed that in addition to all these layoffs during these trying economic times we are also facing a stricter loan qualification process than we have seen in quite some time. Many loan applicants may find that they are not able to qualify for a loan they could have easily gotten last year. This, of course, leaves the options to be somewhat limited.

For those consumers that have less than stellar credit but are still in need of a credit card, they may want to consider secured credit cards. Just as traditional credit cards offer a specific credit limit, so do secured credit cards. The difference is, however, that those who have secured credit cards must deposit the amount of their credit limit into a secured savings account that is controlled by the lender. This money essentially protects the lender should the cardholder default on the loan.

Secured credit cards offer several benefits for the consumer. For one they are extended the credit they need for business expenses. Additionally, secured credit cards allow consumers the opportunity to rebuild their credit so that they are soon enough eligible for traditional lines of credit.